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REMEMBERING Dad By Clara Barnes Costner

Our earthly Father might be talkative,

Or the silent type, with very little to say

One that did not say he loved you, often

You knew he loved you, anyway


He was always a support system 

When you needed him, he was there

All the things God had taught Him     

A man of wisdom, willing to share


Dad might have been short in stature

Tall and slim, or on the stout side

No matter his appearance, did not matter

His hue, or the color of his eyes


We cannot forget the sound of his voice,

Small things are hard to leave behind

So many memories of him still linger,

And will always seem so fresh in my mind


He might have been your Grandfather

Big brother or an uncle, instead

God, uses whoever pleases Him

So that you will not be misled


God, our Heavenly Father, gave His Son

The price for our sins has been paid

He is the Father we turn to

Before hard decisions are made


Happy Father’s Day

“For it is better, if the will of God be so,

that ye suffer for well doing,

than for evil doing.” 1st Peter 3:17 KJV



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