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Wayne County, Speak Your Mind!

Wayne County, Speak Your Mind!

We have started a new feature on our Buzz Facebook page.  At the end of each month we will be seeking your comments concerning anything happening in Wayne County. From Goldsboro to Mt Olive, to Pikeville to LaGrange, to Princeton, please let us know anything that's on your mind. It can be anything such as something you wish was better, something or someone bugging you, something your public officials could be doing better, anything!! The top comments will be published in the following month’s Buzz or you can email them anytime to


Here are the top comments for July’s Wayne County, Speak Your Mind!

I have lived here for over 23 years and I have not seen where there are many activities /arcades for our middle and high school people.  Does anyone besides me see the GREAT NEED here?


There seems to be a big uptick in people running red lights. Have been seeing this all over town.  I’m very careful now when entering an intersection when the green light comes on. It seems that stopping for a red light these days is merely a suggestion! 


Without a doubt, Johnson Carpet One has the best prices, best customer service and best installers in Wayne County! You can’t go wrong with Johnson Carpet One!

Where is Goldsboro PD on Berkeley Boulevard? I see 4 to 5 cars a day run a solid red light from 20 yards behind the white line. You need to be put in jail and your cars crushed!


What’s bad is when businesses and the town place shrubs in the direct line of sight of oncoming traffic. Makes pulling out more difficult than a man with no job.


With all of the shootings and murders, why would anyone want to move to Goldsboro? What are the plans of the city council to stop all of this?


I wish the restaurants in Wayne County were clean, especially fast-food restaurants. Wish there was more pride in keeping establishments looking presentable and clean.


Homeowners who live on New Hope Rd between Wayne Memorial Dr and Patetown Rd have seen vacant lots grow into a forest and is terrible for our neighborhoods! Why does the City give Realtors special privileges in this area but lots on Country Day Rd are cut? Where is the Mayor and code enforcement?


Jefferson Street has Got to be the Worse Street in Goldsboro. We just travel on it on Sundays- I say EVERY Time I drive on it- " I feel so sorry for the People Who Live on THIS Street and have to Travel on it on a daily Basis"..


There needs to be more, for kids and families to do! There’s a million places to eat and nothing to actually do. Chuck E Cheese is outlandish, the parks are great but get boring after a while, and the splash pad is nice but gets boring after a while as well.


 More sidewalks please!


Every city and county in our country has problems but Wayne County in my opinion is one of the best places to raise a family, along with numerous family activities within an hour radius of the county.


Finish the work on William Street and put some heavier focus on revitalizing that area


Turn the Mill into an open market business venture maybe some apartments at top and small vender spots below.


It would be so nice to have the base open to the public if only for certain days they have great resources with the right checks to go in (nice clubs that see little to no people, pools, gyms, parks, walking paths)


More sidewalks, connect all our walking trails together, crack down on red light runners!


Be kind. Stop shooting each other. Do something with your lives.


The Property Tax in Wayne County is ridiculous!


I would like if they could do something about the water, I never had problems with the rusty color, rings and stains up until about 5 years ago and it just seems to keep getting worse.


In my opinion, Pikeville's commissioners have voted to change the form of government back to what it was before the state came in. The form of government it has been changed to makes it easier for them to control and make decisions based on what THEY would like, versus what the town needs.


The corner of Cobb and 2nd Street is awful too! Repavement should've been a long time ago. Again anything outside of Downtown is neglected. Up-keep the rest of Goldsboro like DOWNTOWN


Tommy Rd needs repaving near Tommy School!! Over 1000 people drive down that road to pick up children, even with a baby inside, as there are many bumps along that road! 

An indoor play land like what they have on base would be nice. Go Karting. 


We went with the family Sunday to Sunset Slush, located at 173 NC-111, Goldsboro and it is hands down the best ice cream spot in Goldsboro. Everyone got something different, left happy and not broke!


Make it illegal to shoot up in the air in neighborhoods in Wayne County. Those bullets have to come down and stray bullets can hurt or kill others. 


We work, we are taxed.

We buy something, we are taxed.

We pay off our house, we still pay property tax.

Property tax is “rent” for the home-owner.


Pikeville “Batman” has no one fooled with the patrol cars.


Please keep your negativity to yourself!


Y’all need to stop parking in fire lanes at the grocery stores.  They are called fire lanes, not private parking for lazy people!


If you can’t afford to take care of an animal you find or be responsible for it, leave the animals alone, and contact someone who can help it!


B&G has fried fish every Friday! It must be good because there’s always a crowd!


I have a little league football team, the Goldsboro Hawks. We have practices on Saturdays at 2:30 p.m. at HV Brown Park in Goldsboro. Ages are from 6 to 14. It’s a traveling team, for more information please contact the office the Goldsboro Hawks at 919-648-6852.


Can someone please do something about all the panhandlers in a lot of areas around the County? The problem seems to be getting worse! I’ve been approached not only on street corners but in parking lots and even church parking lots!  Sometimes pretty scary!


Either repave Elm St between Best and Hwy 117 or rename it Bumpy Rd!


I wonder if North Carolina will ever legalize fireworks like South Carolina has?  Sure, would be nice if they would!


It’s tough to find good customer service these days. We had a lady named Melissa at Lowes’s customer service this past weekend that was phenomenal! She really went above and beyond and made my kiddos day.


Has anyone else had problems waiting hours at the DMV office?  It’s ridiculous!


I remember when Wal-Mart first opened and it was a great place to shop. Now Walmart sucks!


No matter where you live things are going to happen. Try living in Fayetteville or Wilmington. You better be glad you live in Goldsboro!




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