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Why should you include The Buzz in your marketing plan?


  • "The Buzz" is now a well respected name and brand in Wayne County.  We now reach over approximately 40,000 readers each month.....the highest distribution FREE Print/news publication in Wayne County!

  • All pricing includes full color and graphic design service at no additional charge

  • Total circulation is 15,000 of which 10,000 is delivered via the U.S. Post Office to target postal carrier routes in targeted zip codes, making sure our advertisers get the most for their advertising dollars!  All postal deliveries will have documentation verifying delivery each month.

  • 5,000 copies will be delivered to over 60 high traffic rack locations throughout the county to include most Doctor, Dentist and other business locations.

  • Rack locations are replenished throughout the month, giving advertisers month-long exposure for their marketing message.

  • Your advertisement will also be available online, not just in print.

  • Finally...our advertisers get RESULTS!  People "LOVE THE BUZZ!"


Become part of the Buzz Family Today!


Dan Wroblewski 919-273-0488

Jeanne Brickhouse Jones 919-920-5551

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