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Introducing Phyllis Gamble

We would like to introduce you to Phyllis Gamble, one of our wonderful volunteer tutors at Literacy Connections. She recently retired from the public school system after twenty years. Her dedication made a huge difference in her students’ lives. When they started working with her in elementary school, many would not even read to her; but as successful high schoolers, the same students would return to her room and read to her class. These special readings always brought Phyllis to tears of joy.

Phyllis loved her years of teaching, and it wasn’t long before she felt the tug in her heart to volunteer. As she shares, “It was the hand of God that brought me to you. When you have adults who want to learn, you just have to do something about that.”

With each of her students, Phyllis has had to start at the very beginning with the alphabet and letter recognition. She had to explain the difference between lower and upper case letters, then she moved on to sounds and sight words. She introduces games in her sessions because she believes learning is easier if it is also fun.

Phyllis is very proud of her students, and she wants them to be proud of themselves too. She always ends her session on a positive note.

Phyllis has been volunteering with us for a year and a half, and during this time she has worked with four students. She says that her time at Literacy Connections has been a very rewarding experience. “I’ve found my joy again!”

If you would like to volunteer to help adults learn please call 919-735-1990 or visit our website at

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