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Our Habitat Your Vote Matters for Housing, too!

I’m sure I’ve made the statement before that Home Dedication days are our favorite days at Habitat Goldsboro-Wayne. They are such a celebration and the culmination of so much hard work, sweat, tears and maybe even a little blood. It’s the first opportunity our homeowners have to say to their friends, family and even the public, “Welcome to my new home.”

It is always such a powerful moment. Not only for the homeowner, but also for everyone there, or lately, watching via Facebook.

But while we talk during these ceremonies about the importance of keeping the Lord at the center, how Habitat is a hand up, not a hand out, and how the homeowners both buy and help build their home, one thing we rarely talk about are the structural challenges that keep many in our community from achieving that dream of homeownership.

We don’t talk about how housing policy on local, state and federal levels impact the ability of more families to build better futures for themselves on foundations of strength, stability and self-reliance through affordable shelter.

We should, though. Because policy, politics and politicians matter. They are what create the conditions in which Habitat and other housing-focused groups work and strive to provide opportunities. After all, housing may not be the only issue, but it is a big issue for many.

Now, you won’t find Habitat Goldsboro-Wayne or myself making endorsements. But I do urge you to research your candidates’ platforms and ask them what they’re going to do about making sure everyone has a decent place to live. Then vote for who you think is best.

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