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Wayne County Museum July Events

June 15th-January 25th - Moonshine & Prohibition” ExhibitOn May 26, 1908, North Carolina voters approved a prohibition on thesale of alcohol statewide. North Carolina was the first state in thenation to do so. The term "moonshine" is said to have originated in NC,and the production of illegal whiskey has been a part of the state'shistory for centuries. This exhibit explores Temperance, Prohibitionand the moonshine making traditions of NC. Free to the Public Tues-Fri11-4pm, Sat 10-5pm.

Monday, July 8th @ 7pm. 

Auditions will be held for the museum’s next Reader’s Theaterproduction of “Long Day's Journey into Night.” This radio play isconnected to our Moonshine and Prohibition exhibit and it exploresthemes of alcoholism and mental health in the setting of a highlydysfunctional family discovering secrets about each other. The plotcovers events occurring over the course of a single day. The showincludes 3 male roles and 2 female roles; the content of the show isvery heavy and dramatic. We are also encouraging any volunteers thatare interested in learning more about how to put on a radio playproduction or learning the tech side of shows (lights and sound) toexpress their interest, as we would love to teach anyone how to do so.


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