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Reflecting on Fifty Years of Love: By Mary Wroblewski, Editor

On July 3, 2021 my husband, Dan Wroblewski and I will celebrate fifty years of marriage. A major milestone one might say, but for me, it has been increments of time; sharing the weight. Sometimes heavy like moving through sludge and other times light, moving swiftly through rapids. Through it all we stood together; equal partners united in love.

We each brought different skill sets, talents, perspectives, and experiences to our marriage and blended that pot of gumbo into the story of us. Along the way we raised three lovely children who presented us with eight incredible grandchildren. We have shared tremendous joy and weathered great sorrows. Our fifty years included multiple moves in six states providing us and our children with unique insights to the beauty of our country and all the people we share it with.

Our life together has been a gift like no other and I thank God daily for His blessings. We entered marriage with no preconceived expectations and work hard every day to keep up with each other and respect what is important in the moment. After fifty years the man I have known since kindergarten still surprises me, gives me goosebumps, makes every day an adventure (even through a pandemic) and still shares the weight. I am humbled by his steadfast love and strive to be sure he knows I love him as he loves me. Yes, we have “moments” but it is in those “moments” that we learn patience, respect, kindness, gentleness and understanding of the other’s point of view. Nothing is perfect in this earthly life, but we can respect and honor the love that surrounds us and know where the root of that love originates.

If there is a take-away I would share after 50 years, it would be: to remember it is not the wedding but the marriage, not the grand gestures but the ordinary moments, and finally it is a daily, shared, commitment to the sacred vows of marriage.


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