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Our Habitat - Building 100 Homes

By Matt Whittle, Executive Director


Mrs. Jan Edgerton, who founded the Habitat for Humanity of Goldsboro-Wayne affiliate in 2001 with her late husband, Bill Edgerton, poses at the photo booth with her grandson Worth Smith during the 100th Home Celebration on Thursday, April 18

We all set goals. Every day. Whether work or personal. Some are long-term, some are just for that day. Sometimes when we meet a goal it’s with more a sense of relief than accomplishment. But then other times it becomes more than just a box to check or line to cross. Sometimes when we reach our goals, we’re reaching milestones – those large markers on our path that mean something big and important has been achieved.

Habitat for Humanity of Goldsboro-Wayne had one of those milestones last month – the completion of our 100th new home since our founding in 2001. We are so excited about reaching this point. It’s an incredible accomplishment for the community – 100 families who have built better futures for themselves thanks to the work that people like you have done by praying, volunteering and donating.

But the thing with milestones is that no matter how big they are, they aren’t ending points. They mark an important place on our trail and should be celebrated, but the trail always stretches out ahead.

And so, it’s the same for Habitat Goldsboro-Wayne. We are so proud of what’s been accomplished. But we know there is so much more work to be done. We are building homes. We are repairing homes. We have plans for a new neighborhood development project that we’re calling McNair Heights. We are growing in Lenoir County even as we continue to serve in Mount Olive and the rest of Wayne County.

President Jimmy Carter was once quoted during one of his Carter Work Projects for Habitat for Humanity saying, “The work has begun, but it’s far from finished.” The same is true here. The work has begun. But we’re only 100 homes in. There are 100s more left to build and 100s more families left to serve. Come build with us.


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