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March 2022- Two Years In, By Mary Wroblewski

Yes, we are two years in to this global pandemic and the chaos that has come along with it. I am feeling very hopeful that as a fully vaccinated individual I will have a very low risk of contracting Covid-19 or any of its emerging variants, and if I do become infected, I will have mild symptoms.

It appears we are entering the “endemic phase” of the Pandemic. Restrictions are easing and we will hopefully be allowed to decide for ourselves what is in our best interest, and the best interest of our families moving forward. Given the cyclical nature of this virus I feel like we have been here before; on the cusp of returning to life as we know it, only to have our hopes dashed and the weight of the virus leaving us second guessing our choices. Yet, this time feels different, this time feels like it will stick. Maybe it is only my wishful thinking of emerging Spring and the idea of new beginnings, fresh starts, better days, and hope for our future as nature fulfills its promise. Or, it is real, and all those governmental emergency powers that persisted well beyond reason, keeping businesses shut down and tied down will finally be over. Will LIBERTY and THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS be returned to the people in full measure? Will our economy be allowed to again grow and flourish unincumbered?

I know “business as usual” isn’t that simple, especially since “usual” looks so different for so many. But the only way to carry on, is one foot in front of the other and one breath at a time. Maybe it will be cautious steps and breaths but forward motion none the less.

Spring is upon us, the earth is renewed, and there will be literal nurseries within all species of the land, sea and air. Let us all come out and welcome this fragile season of hope, promise and life. A season where the Pandemic is put to rest as just another one of those illnesses we will choose to be vaccinated against.

Happy Spring Wayne County and wishing you HOPE!


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