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Hi, My Name is Cotton. By Mary Kay Best

Here’s The Deal

By Mary Kay BestHi, my name is Cotton. My human mother call’s me “Cotton Boy.” She takes good care of me and makes sure I’m fed and have lots of outdoor running around the pond time.I love to be with people anytime and anywhere. My most fun activities are; playing catch the frisbee-early every morning and afternoon, jumping in our pond for a swim and a possible fetch it game. Oh, and napping, so important for my overall health.

If I could talk I would tell you my philosophy of life. Here it is; I know that my maker, yes God, watches over me every second. So I don’t worry about anything. Later in the night I have to go bark for several hours to keep all enemies away. I’m fierce when I need to be.My main goal each day is to smile and love each person I meet—family, friends and strangers. I like smiling at folks, it warms ‘em up and then I automatically get a scratch on the head and behind my ears.

When I’m napping, for my health, I dream good dreams because I know I am loved by God and all my family and friends. So if you’re looking for the good life, it’s right where you are, trusting God, not worrying, smiling at everyone you meet—(don’t fret, they won’t scratch your head or behind your ears; that’s just for me), just love people. It’s really not that hard. Don’t be concerned with what they are doing right or wrong or how they look. Just love ‘em. Sometimes I get a kiss on the head. Who knows, if you adopt my philosophy of life, you might get one too.-Cotton


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