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Fatti-Bread’s Bakery By Cindi Pate

Fatti-Bread's Bakery - owned and operated by Antonia Jones-Evans - is a local minority-owned family oriented business located in downtown Goldsboro. Fatti-Bread's specializes in home baked cakes, assorted chew-breads, brownies and all kinds of sweet treats.

Antonia always loved cooking and helping her Grandmother Mary L. Bell and her Mother Cynthia B. Jones in the kitchen when they were making magic. She watched her Grandma bake cakes and pies and loved asking questions about why she would put that in this and why she put that much in that - knowing for sure she was getting on her grandma’s nerves, but her grandma obliged her. Antonia never did get her grandmas pecan pie recipe and has yet to taste one as good, but Ms. Jones-Evans did get her grandmas Pineapple Coconut Cake, sweet potato pie, chicken salad and potato salad recipes- just to name a few.

Everyone has a beginning and Antonia’s is probably similar to many. She’s always loved to entertain and feed people. She’d bake cakes and other dishes and people would want more or ask her to do something for this or that event and she’d do it. She catered her first wedding for a friend's sister and from then on she was bitten by the community entertaining bug. On Sundays after church she made cakes, little cream pies and brownies and sold them from her trunk and it seemed that she never baked enough goodies to satisfy everyone in those beginning times. She had a passion for food and it was a big part of her life.

She married the love of her life Reginald Evans, who is also a silent partner (silent because he can't bake or cook!) and after they had been married a while they opened a Grill (The Clique Restaurant and Grill), but closed the doors shortly after because of being out in bed rest after a long awaited pregnancy and the dream of cooking and baking for others in business was put on hold.

In 2012 Antonia was still dreaming of possibilities and knew that with God all things are possible and if she could sell like she did on Sundays that she could have a strong business! So she began to seek out opportunity. Antonia and her sister-in-law came up with a suitable name for the business— "Fatti-Bread's". Antonia wanted it spelled a little different, but that name embodies the feel that she was looking for... Warmth, a Sweet Grandma's Love, Family, and Old Timey Sweetness that comes from the soul.

Now, you can find Fatti-Breads baked goods in several locations including Piggly Wiggly in Goldsboro, Princeton, and gas stations in the area. They’re working to gain more clientele and a bigger market.

Antonia can also be found at the “Curb Market” inside the Maxwell Center every Friday from 2p.m. to 5p.m. Not only does she sell her baked goods there, but also full complete meals at reasonable prices.

Fatti-Bread’s Bakery is located at 701 S. George Street, Goldsboro. Their hours vary from day to day. To place an order or to find out what days they are open, you can email Antonia at or give her a call at 919-583-4899. Fatti-Breads Bakery can also be found on Facebook. Give her a try. You will not be disappointed!


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