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The Songbirds Choir

Thank you Songbirds Choir! Thank you for a job well done. It is all because of you

that we have been champions of success. You have been my inspiration and my aspirations. There were times I didn’t even want to smile but you made me laugh. This why there are no words available that can truly express my sincere gratitude to each and every one of you of how truly grateful I am to be your Choir Director for the past sixteen years.

In 2004, five members of Wayne County Services on Aging Senior Center located 100 John Street decided that even though we had numerous kinds of activities, the Senior Center should have a Choir. Five members namely, Hattie Leather, Shirley Jones, Vivian Holden, Flora Taylor and Beulah Taylor with Mr.David Perricana, our accompanist were originally known as the Senior Center Choir for a short span of time. Then, as our notoriety grew so did our membership. We grew to over forty plus members in no time and Flora Taylor renamed the choir “The Song Birds” as I became the official Director.

During the past 16 years we had our shares of trials and tribulations but nothing completely stopped us from holding on to our faith and leaning on God for guidance and direction and this why we are still here going strong today. We may be smaller in number but great is our unwavering faith and determination.

After the departure of Mr. David Perricana, God blessed us with an amazing asset to our choir, Ms. Bonnie McCoy. Bonnie is to the choir what water is to a thirst. She brings not only her gift of music

but also her loyalty ,creativity, strength and compassion that has contributed to The Songbirds successful achievements and accomplishments.

We are the recipients of 10 gold medals one silver medal from the Senior Games and have performed and participated in probably every Senior Citizen home/nursing facilities and even the Wayne County Christmas Parade! We have many awards and Certificate of accomplishments and we consider it

an honor to have been invited to serve our local community friends and fellow men.

Songbirds my tribute to you is long overdue but better late than never and I salute you with these words. Great is thou Faithfulness, Oh God my Father there is no shadow of turning with thee thou changes not thou Compassion they fail not as thou has been thou will ever be Great is thou faithfulness Lord unto me.

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