Take a Deep Breath

Friendships and bonds are created to assist in the investments of our future selves, character and beliefs. As we develop those characteristics, we surround ourselves with the things that fuel those bonds, creating a residual of our lessons and desires. These bonds are not just in the form of people but more so ideas that create a pathway to the people we’ll meet.

*Take a deep breath here*

Take a moment to remember all the promises you’ve made to yourself; compare those promises to the people that make up your circle. Do the ideas of the people (as you see it) match up with those promises? If not; take note that you’re ideas are what’s fueling said circle.

This can be a monumental moment for some of you because you now realize no amount of conversation will change them or their presence, it is you and your perspectives that need adjusting. Take inventory, write it down, go over scenarios in your head that you can respond to, write those ideas down also. It is here that you’ll read a script that’ll change your own outcomes.

Use this to orchestrate a fruitful year. Happy awakenings beloved . Follow me on social media at

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