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Are You Ready for a Great Boating Season?

Goldsboro Sail and Power Squadron offers FREE boat inspections that are approved by the Coast Guard. The squadron has five certified inspectors that will come to where your boat is and perform the quick inspection and provide you with a decal to indicate that you are operating a Safe Boat, or you can participate in our Annual Inspection weekend at EZ Bait and Tackle, Hwy 117S from 8:00am until 3:00pm Friday, May 17 or Saturday, May 18.

You might be asking 'Why do I need an Inspection?' Many of the boats that are used on our waterways here in North Carolina are frequently found not to have the proper equipment on board and if this is found by the Coast Guard or Wildlife Officers, you risk large fines and sometimes requiring that you take your boat out of service, which would require SeaTow or other services to tow you to the nearest Harbor/Marina where it would remain until it is properly maintained and outfitted. This definitely adds to the cost that could be avoided by having a certified inspection.

Many critical situations required that you render assistance when it does not jeopardize your safety and without the proper equipment this could be difficult to do A simple report of your vessel to the Coast Guard would result in locating you and the issuing of a citation. All of this can definitely make a great day on the water turn into a nightmare. If you need an inspection email or call 919-920-9556 and I can arrange for one of our inspectors to contact you. Let’s make 2019 one of the Safest years of boating in North Carolina.

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