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Our Habitat: It’s the Little Things

What was your New Year’s resolution? Have you kept it? I didn’t really set any New Year’s resolutions – not at the time anyway.

Today, though, as I write about halfway through January, I’m also cleaning our coffee maker. Weird segue, right? But follow me here.

It’s a chore that while I don’t hate, I don’t do as often as I should. I mean really, after getting up early and making a pot of coffee, who feels like taking time to take it apart and scrub out the whole apparatus before heading to work. It’s not happening on Saturday morning when, if you’re not running out of the house early for something else, you just want to sit and relax for a minute. And it’s definitely not happening on the way to church on Sunday. And then forget about it when you get home in the evening! Kids, homework, practice, dinner … not to mention the fact that since you’re not drinking coffee you’ve already forgotten about it!

Honestly, how many of you reading this take time to clean out your coffee maker as often as you should? It’s probably good that we’re not all in the same room being asked to raise our hands, though hey, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad! After all, there’s power in numbers.

But this is my point. I’ve settled on a resolution today. For perhaps the first time ever. I am resolving to try to do the little things that make our habitat better – like having a cleaner coffee maker for better-tasting coffee! Because after all, it’s the little things that matter and the little things that make up the big things.

Happy New Year!

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