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4-H Entertains

4-H Entertains was held on Tuesday, March 20th. We had a variety of great talent. We had dancers, singers and pianist.

4-H’ers who participated include Austin Pate, Raelee Boren, Olivia Aycock, Jordan Therrien, Makayla Newcomb, Katie Galbavy, Taylor Harvey, Omar Sanchez, Johan Pantoja, Natalia Estrada, Kaleigh Garcia, Scarlet Gonzalez, Maya Garcia, Ashley Rojo, Guillermo Estrada, Rebecca Rangel, Allison Boren, Isaac Therrien, Canaan Therrien, Kylee Young and Corbin Young.

The two overall winners were Austin Pate and Taylor Harvey, they will represent Wayne County at the Southeast 4-H District Activity Day in June. For more information about 4-H please call the Wayne County 4-H/Cooperative Extension office at 919-731-1527.

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