Thanks Mom

By Clara Barnes Costner

The aroma of fresh cut roses

The smell of fresh baked pies

The special way she looked at you

With nothing but love in her eyes

Imagine her in her favorite dress

Or the way she wore her hair

How her voice most times gentle

Could soothe every nightmare

Specializing in making things better

She took time to hear you out

She said, believe although you cannot see

That is what faith is all about

How she remembered the little things

You just knew she loved you the most

Reminded you how God knows all things

So there is no need for you to boast

She was a wise woman

That did not have to yell to be heard

From this you learned self-control

And to be careful of your words

Her love for you kept you encouraged

Her prayers always kept you calm

Always did the best she could

For this we all say “THANKS MOM”