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August 16th A Day of Fun for All!

What's All the Buzz About Honeybees?

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On Saturday, August 16th from 9am-3pm the Beekeepers of the Neuse are hosting an event for National Honeybee Day at Waynesborough Park. This will be a day for the entire family to come out and learn the importance of the honeybee in our food cycle.

The news is all over the papers and Internet; honeybees are dying off at an alarming rate. That is certainly not good news for those of us who love getting local raw honey, but why would that information be of concern to the average person? Honeybees help pollinate 80% of all the fruits and vegetables we eat. Without these vital insects many of the foods we have depended on and enjoyed in abundance could easily be depleted from the food supply. Beekeepers often partner with farmers helping pollinate their crops. Honeybees easily travel 2 miles from their hives searching for pollen and nectar. The Beekeepers of the Neuse have members that range in age from teenagers to seniors and encompass people from diverse occupations and interests.

Last year’s event was extremely well received by visitors from Wayne, Duplin, Wilson, Johnson and Wake counties. This year we are expanding to include demonstrations that will appeal to a wide variety of people. For people interested in beekeeping and learning how vital they are to the food supply, there will be certified beekeepers to answer questions along with an observation hive so you can get an unclose look at the worker bees. Beekeeping equipment will be on display along with vendors selling woodenware.

Of course there will be local honey for sale as well as candles, wax, soaps and lip balms. For those interested in becoming a beekeeper there will be information on beekeeping classes as well as how to partner with a mentor to guide you through the process. There will also be a wax melting demonstration.

For people interested in plants Master Gardeners will be on site to answer questions about plants, soils and fertilizers. They will have soil sample kits available and will show you how to get your own soil tested for free through November. Interested in having your own fresh eggs every morning? There will be mobile chicken coops and information on how easy it is to raise chickens in your backyard. Starr Light farm will have goats at the park and are there to answer questions about raising goats.

There will be demonstrations on growing mushrooms as well as vermicomposting. The Eastern NC Vintage Farm Equipment will have a large collection of tractors and equipment on display. Children will have fun seeing the bees, chickens, goats and they can also dip beeswax candles and get their faces painted. Pat and Mac’s Grilling Shack will be on site for lunch or a snack. Make the day complete with some homemade ice cream. Feel free to bring your friends, children or grandchildren. There will be plenty of club members there to answer your questions. For more information call 919 738 6526.

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