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April's Wayne County Speak Your Mind Comments!

We have started a new feature on our Buzz Facebook page.  At the end of each month we will be seeking your comments concerning anything happening in Wayne County. From Goldsboro to Mt Olive, to Pikeville to LaGrange, to Princeton, please let us know anything that's on your mind. It can be anything such as something you wish was better, something or someone bugging you, something your public officials could be doing better, anything!! The top comments will be published in the following month’s Buzz or you can email them anytime to

Here are the top comments for April’s Wayne County, Speak Your Mind!


I need to get a car. I have bad credit and have under the table job so pay stub is a no-go. What’s my best option?


I’d also like to see a dog park downtown, more walkable areas, and more sidewalks.


I would like to see our city spending less time on beautifying downtown and work on making the city pedestrian friendly!


All of our public parks need an update. I would love to see a nice colorful splash pad and a disability friendly park!


The city has too many people with ties to these development companies and projects and that’s why you see the things you see downtown and the rest of the town a dump.


More resources for special needs kids. We know Wayne County can do better.


It’s time to clean up Royal Avenue.


Public service announcement to whoever dumped their mattress on my driveway last night: I guarantee you aren't getting rid of all your bedbugs by dumping your gross mattress.


Two words ...Tent City...


The Pikeville library should NOT have closed until Fremont opened. Dumb idea!

It's called the speed LIMIT, people, not the speed suggestion! Slow down and get off my bumper before you cause a wreck.


Time to clean up Fruit Stand in Pikeville. Makes the town look trashy!


Can we do something about people setting off tannerite already?


 Families with special needs children have been in chains for decades right in front of the city, county, and nation, but nobody sees us.


Ah- Goldsboro has DEVOLVED into one violent rough city, eh? Now tell me I am lying........................


Guys you have to try the Golden Grill in Mar-Mac shopping center where Food Lion is. It’s awesome!


Where can a person donate clothes to families in need that will not be sold by them? I have been rubbed the wrong way by all the donations I’ve made to Goodwill and other stores to find out that they’re selling my donations to people.


I have now canceled my membership at a local car wash. I got tired of having to wipe down my entire vehicle from their dirty water.





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