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February brings to mind thoughts of love for many; more specifically Valentine’s Day and the expected celebrations, dinner dates and extravagant gifts. School children decorate boxes, exchange Valentine’s cards and there are usually heart shaped candies involved. But what about looking at this “greeting card” holiday from a different perspective?

Celebrating this holiday of love is extraordinary, but what would be truly incredible is to carry that spirit of love always in our hearts, to have the attitude of celebration when we greet each day and each person along our path. To quote John Lennon from his song Love, “Love is real, real is love, love is feeling, feeling love, love is wanting to be loved.”

The reality of love is in the heartbeat of the people that surround us whether that is family, friends or passersby. Feeling love is the explosion in our soul when we witness a sunrise, a birth, crashing surf, a clear Carolina blue skied day, or an unexpected citing of a Blue Heron on the front porch. Wanting love is the yearning in our hearts to be loved. Although love may seem elusive, if you are living love, love is always there; found in the miracles of everyday moments.

Celebrating love just may be simpler than you thought. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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