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Goldsboro High Students Learn About Criminal Justice

By Selena Bennett, Executive Director

One of the many exciting aspects of working with Communities In Schools is having the opportunity to learn about programs and services that are available here in Wayne County. Wayne Community College has been a tremendous community partner, allowing CIS to take students for tours of individual departments and to speak to instructors there.

I recently visited the Criminal Justice Department at Wayne Community College as a culminating activitiy with some of our students. Eight of our young ladies at GHS had expressed an interest in learning more about Criminal Justice and have participated in a small group with Barbara Wilkins, GHS Success Coach, and Elke Miller, CIS intern, this past nine weeks. The culminating activity for this group of students was to visit the Criminal Justice Department at Wayne Community.

Students had the opportunity to speak to several instructors in the program, including Mr. Duane Everhart. These students had the opportunity to ask questions about the program, to learn about degree requirements, and even to participate in a crime scene investigation during their visit. They had the opportunity to explore more about all of the possibilities for jobs in criminal justice.

We are so thankful to be a part of a caring community and to have Wayne Community College so close by. We have visited numerous departments over the past few years as we have reached out to help guide our students. Every department that we have contacted has been willing and ready to assist our students. Kudos to Wayne Community’s staff!

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