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NEVER FORGOTTENBy Clara Barnes Costner

Thinking back on life, young; sometimes wrong

Wouldn’t listen, to anyone,: energetic, headstrong

Didn’t plan a path, or write it in a book

Life just happened; here we are, on the road we took

The error of our ways finds us in an undesirable space

Staying awake at night, wondering, what is this place

Don’t give up just yet, a mighty one can bring change

God, the Father loves us, know us each by name

Knows our troubles, our sins, all our mistakes

Our secrets, our errors, our sorrows, our heartbreaks

He created us and loves us, and knows what is in our hearts

When we invite Him in, it is the beginning of a new start

He sent His Son Jesus, who was crucified, hang on a cross

For our redemption, restoring of our souls that were lost

On the third day He rose, now we are justified in God’s eyes

Our heavenly Father sees Christ, now grace He supplies

We invite Him into our hearts and repent of our sins

Peace is our reward, as our abundant life begins

Remember God is the only one that will forget our past

Giving to us unconditional love, that will forever last

“And he said unto them, Be not affrighted: Ye seek Jesus

Of Nazareth, which was crucified: he is risen; he is not here

behold the place where they laid him.” St. Mark 16:6 - KJV


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