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May's Wayne County Speak Your Mind!

We have started a new feature on our Buzz Facebook page.  At the end of each month we will be seeking your comments concerning anything happening in Wayne County. From Goldsboro to Mt Olive, to Pikeville to LaGrange, to Princeton, please let us know anything that's on your mind. It can be anything such as something you wish was better, something or someone bugging you, something your public officials could be doing better, anything!! The top comments will be published in the following month’s Buzz or you can email them anytime to

Here are the top comments for May’s Wayne County, Speak Your Mind!


This is a public service announcement to everyone that may be feeding stray or

feral cats in your neighborhood or around town. Please find a way to get them spayed and neutered because there are way too many cats and kittens being put to sleep because nobody wants them! 


Please paint the statues on top of city hall. That gold is awful!


We pay a lot of taxes to keep our roads maintained.   A lot of the side and county roads need to be repainted. White and yellow lines.

Need to remove the 2-hours parking on Center street in Goldsboro.


Tear down the dated buildings that aren't being used.

Sheridan Forest Road is awful, needs to be repaved bad!!

More Autistic facilities & good ones needed for all ages


Thank you NC DOT for the beautiful flowers that were planted off the Spence and HWY 70 W exit ramp!

People need to be given tickets for littering. The side of the roads are trashy.

Whoever redesigned the intersection at Hwy 581 and Buck Swamp Rd should be fired and sent to rehab... having no right turn lane off of 581 onto Buck Swamp is a major blunder.

I don't see the American Flag flying at schools! Why?

The stop lights on William St. stay red or turn red when no traffic is coming from the cross streets. Can someone create a “smart stoplight”

Would like to shout out to the PD, FD and EMT for all you do. True heroes!

The city lawn debris removal could be better, sometimes they pick up the leaves and while doing so they are blowing right back out the back of the truck.

Streets in Goldsboro and Mount Olive are bad.


The center lines in the road need to be more visible when roads are wet and raining.

It makes me sad that our local church cannot have Church in the Park at Westbrook Park in Mt. Olive because "religious services" are not allowed.


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