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Celebrating Surgical Precision: Dr. Justin Sargent’s 1000th Milestone With da Vinci Robot

In a significant milestone of surgical excellence, Dr. Justin Sargent, a general surgeon at UNC Health Wayne, recently completed his 1000th procedure using one of our two state-of-the-art da Vinci Surgical Robot. This achievement not only highlights Dr. Sargent’s dedication to advanced surgical techniques but also demonstrates UNC Health Wayne’s commitment to precision, innovation, and patient- centered care.

The da Vinci Surgical Robot represents a major leap forward in surgical technology, providing surgeons with enhanced precision, control, and visualization during complex procedures. With smaller incisions and faster recovery times, robotic-assisted surgery promises significant advantages over traditional approaches. Dr. Sargent emphasizes the robot’s role in improving patient care and safety, citing an increased ability to navigate complex surgeries with unparalleled accuracy.

While the da Vinci robot serves as a powerful assistant, it's important to note that the skill of the surgeon is what ultimately guides the procedure. The robot serves as an extension of the surgeon’s hands, offering enhanced dexterity and control. "With the da Vinci robot, we achieve superior outcomes through minimally invasive approaches”, says Dr. Sargent, “This translates to shorter hospital stays, reduced postoperative pain, and faster recovery times for patients-all while maintaining the highest standards of surgical precision”. 


UNC Health Wayne is fortunate to have a group of surgeons who are dedicated to clinical excellence and a surgical team who understands the importance of providing personalized, compassionate care to every patient. The combination of advanced technology and a patient centered approach ensures optimal outcomes and instills confidence in patients undergoing surgical treatment at UNC Health Wayne.



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