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Habitat for Humanity’s Eighth Annual Women Build Event By Matt Whittle, Executive Director

Did you make it out for Habitat for Humanity’s eighth annual Women Build event? If you’re one of the 64 ladies who did, I hope you’re bragging to your family and friends!

We are so proud and appreciative of all who participated this year. Despite the rain the week before Mother’s Day, the group was able to complete the entire floor system and two exterior walls in their three days at 707 National Drive.

We love events like this because they let us know just how much support our families have in Wayne County as they work to build a better, stronger, more stable and more independent futures through homeownership. For our volunteers, the best part is when they finish for the day and can stand back and see what they’ve accomplished, knowing they helped change one family’s life.

And that’s the great part about volunteering for Habitat. You are able to see the evidence of your work standing for years to come and know that you’ve been part of making a lasting difference in a family’s life – that you helped provide an opportunity for stability, strength and independence.

As one of our ladies said after swinging a hammer all day during Women Build, “There’s no better sore than Habitat sore!”

So, if we’ve piqued your curiosity about what it’s like to spend time on a Habitat site, don’t wait until we have a special build event. Come join us! Check out for all of our volunteer opportunities. Or call 919-736-9592 or email

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