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2016 Take a Look in the Mirror By Gregory Peele, From the Pigpen

A hearty New Year’s wish to you good citizens of Wayne County and devoted Buzz readers. Was this past year a good one for you and your family? I certainly hope that was the case. If not, look to the new-year as an opportunity to put the past behind and a wonderful chance to engage in rewarding activities and develop positive relationships.

The places and the things that occupy our time and the people whom we associate with will go a long way toward determining what 2016 will be like for each of us. I am sure we will all be asked to make some difficult decisions during the next twelve months. Not a single one of us, including myself, is exempt from erroring in judgment from time to time. The real tragedy occurs when we fail to learn from the past and make the same mistakes over and over.

As the years come and go, I more fully grasp just how limited my knowledge is and how precious life is. But this one thing I do know. The ramifications of the decisions, which I make on a daily basis, are mine and mine alone. With that being said, I myself, as does each of you, need to spend more time in thought this next year and less time over-reacting to life’s silly insignificant and trivial encounters and misunderstandings. And when we make mistakes, and we all will, learn from them, pick up the shattered pieces and continue on. What is it about humans that make us always look for excuses and someone to point the finger at?

Having said all of this, I firmly believe the United States of America is at a crossroads. Difficult decisions must be made. Are we as American citizens, so dedicated and mature in out thought process, as to allow us to become a part of the solution rather that a contributor to the many dilemmas we are facing as a nation? Are we willing to stand up for what we know is right in the face of great opposition? Are we capable of turning away from the ever prevalent what is in it for me mentality? While the masses crave spontaneous gratification, have we the courage of conviction and the steadfastness required to see this painstaking journey reach fruition?

We must turn away from name calling, classifying, and categorizing groups of people purely based upon skin color, gender, education, geographic locale, age, or nation of origin. We must remain acutely aware of the threat of terrorists, crazed killers, and be cognizant of the obligation to elect officials whose sole desire is to serve this nation and not themselves. But the greatest obligation we as citizens of Wayne County, as North Carolinians, and as Americans have is to be honest with ourselves on a daily basis. When and if each of us puts our own house in order, and only then, can this nation regain self- respect and the respect of freedom loving people across the globe.

For America to be great, each of us must share a portion of the load in the coming years. Be all that you are capable of being, and until we next meet, be of good cheer.

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