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From the Pigpen - Rights, Responsibility, and Respect By Gregory Peele

Occasionally, we are sadly reminded that our fair community is not immune to acts of violence and bloodshed. The recent death of Mr. Ron Lane attests to this fact. This needless tragedy blindsided me as I expect it did a great many of you loyal readers of The Buzz. However, the greatest tragedy would be for us to bury our heads in the sand and just pretend nothing happened.

I am old enough to remember when guns were used for hunting, target shooting, and protection. We very seldom locked the doors to our house, and we never took the keys out of the ignition. Hitchhikers had no trouble getting a ride and you were not afraid to stop and assist a stranded motorist. Metal detectors were for finding buried treasure, not for keeping armed citizens out of schools, airports, and government buildings. How could things have changed so drastically in such a short period of time?

Perhaps the work ethic of many Americans is not what it used to be. Perhaps we need to be investing more time in God’s inspired holy word, and less time in pursuit of life’s trivial matters. Perhaps we need to be more respectful of those who look, dress, speak, and have different customs than those, which we possess. Perhaps we just need to engage in meaningful dialog with those whose culture we don’t fully understand.

I only know this. Life is neither easy nor simple. Right and wrong never varies. Society and life in general is not going to return to the simplicity of my youth. There are very few things, which we say or do that do not impact anyone else. As our numbers grow in Wayne County, so too does the growth in our differences in the way we think and in the way we prefer to conduct life.

I would never ask anyone to lower his or her values or standards. I would, however, suggest that our rights must always be tempered by respect for those who may not always agree with us, but certainly are entitled to their own opinions. Please never forget how privileged we are as Americans. To keep this nation great, we must cling to strong family values. Have a great month, and until we next meet be of good cheer.

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