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Cardboard City of Goldsboro November 22nd –23rd By Rohonda Coakley

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Would you sleep in a cardboard box for one night…

… if it would change the life of a homeless person in Goldsboro?

Cardboard City is the event of the year to help raise awareness and aid for the homeless community in Goldsboro. The evening will begin with live music and guest speakers that will help our community answer the question, “What can I do to help? ”

Many of the programs in Wayne County are dependent upon donations and fundraisers to help provide food and shelter to the needy. We want to help those programs reach more families. Many groups and individuals are seeking ways to narrow the mission field to “our own backyard” but are unsure of where the money will go or who will benefit from their help. Cardboard City has the answers and it is our goal to bring our community together for this common cause.

But the event doesn’t stop there! If you become a “Cardboard Citizen” and raise your “rent” you can join us in spending the night in a cardboard box on the front lawn of the Herman Park Center.

We realize that the typical homeless person doesn’t sleep in a cardboard box. But that is the enduring symbol of what it is to be homeless. The Cardboard City strives to use that symbol to raise awareness of the problem. Spending the night will give participants the experience of what life could be like for any of us and will give them the further opportunity for information, experiences, and reflections on the growing problem of homelessness.

Visit us at for more details or email at

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