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Faithful and Full of Faith: Pastor Dann Patrick Retires After 33 Years of Ministry By Laura Guelfi

Faithful and Full of Faith- these qualities accurately describe Dr. Dann Patrick, and made him the God-ordained man to pastor a church called Faith Church. When he moved his family to Goldsboro in 1981 to begin his pastorate, he had no idea how long they would stay, but he remained willing to follow the Lord’s leading. Thirty-three years have passed quicker than he could’ve imagined in those early days. Now as Pastor Patrick enters retirement, those who call him “Preacher” can testify that he has served Christ, his church, and his community well.

Whether officiating a wedding ceremony, praying with a bereaved family, or delivering soul-stirring sermons, Rev. Patrick has led his congregation with faithfulness. As many pastors will admit, ministry knows no time clock, and serving others often requires overtime. Since he arrived at Faith Church, he has faithfully and tirelessly met needs and ministered until the job is done.

Pastor Patrick has also demonstrated a life full of faith, encouraging church members often to remember that “God Can!” Like Moses, Abraham, and Noah, he has accomplished great things for the cause of Christ, by faith. Under his faith-filled leadership, Faith Church of Goldsboro has flourished and extended its outreach beyond Wayne County, to other parts of the US, and across the world.

Retiring from the pastorate won’t come naturally for this man of God who is used to starting his day before sunrise. Although he is planning a little rest and relaxation, his main focus is to continue serving the Lord and doing His will. Pastor Patrick’s consistent example of faithfulness and faith-FULLness will be remembered by Faith Church and the community for years to come.


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