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PERFECT LOVE By Clara Barnes Costner

We all want to be loved

For this, every heart yearns

Love that is not fickle

Doesn’t have to be earned

When we are rooted, grounded in Christ

We see in Him what true love entails

Starts with God, our heavenly Father

He is perfect, He is love, He never fails

Every heart has a rhythm

Not perfect, but helps stay alive

Veins carry in them the energy,

Enabling us to thrive

Shouldn’t matter if we are different

The style, or color of one’s hair,

The place of one’s ancestry

Or the clothes that one wears

We are not perfect beings

However, it is always nice

When we deny this thing called flesh

See everyone through the eyes of Christ

“Love must be completely sincere.

Hate what is evil, hold on to what

is good.” Romans 12:9 GNB

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