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Leadership During Crisis By Vanessa Spiron

Leadership skills are important for people of all ages in order to be successful and help your community. Even great leaders have been challenged during this pandemic. Organizations and leaders have been faced with new challenges and have had to think outside of the box in order to survive. During times of crisis, like this pandemic, below are some qualities that leaders should have.

Leaders must be adaptable and be able to pivot to meet the demands of their clients and the needs of their people.

Trust is another essential quality that is important during times of crisis. Leaders and followers must have trust in one another to thrive as a team.

When crisis strikes, leaders also must be able to lead through empathy. Caring and open-hearted leadership will not only pay off now, but also reap rewards well into the future.

Transparency is also essential when leading through times of crisis. Think about it, when you are going through turbulence in an airplane, do you want the pilot announcing why the plan is bumping around or do you prefer not to know why just the plane just dropped 30 feet?

Lastly, leaders should exercise calculated decision making during times of uncertainty and change. Leaders should do their research, consult others, and make decisions to move the organization forward.

These characteristics are important for anyone in a leadership role but are essential during times of crisis.

Interested in building leadership capacity? Spiron Solutions offers trainings and other tools to support your leaders. or call 919-526-0893.

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