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Giving Military Spouses a Moral Boost

Through the services of Homefront Room Revival, over twenty USAF Airman and military spouse volunteers made an empty house a home for a fellow military family last Sunday at Seymour Johnson AFB. From moving Heather and her newborn son into their first home while Heather's husband was still deployed, to creating a custom room handcrafted from up-cycled designs and wood working works of art for a family in need. So much love and talent went into this space from our team. There was no better feeling in the world then that look on Tristan and Heather's face when we revealed their HOME to them for the first time. Visit their Facebook page at:

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Our Mission & Vision

Deployment. Move. Redecorate. & Repeat Homefront Room Revival is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the military life cycle by providing comfort decorating, and therapeutic home furnishing projects, to military spouses in need of a morale boost. We are a North Carolina based initiative on a mission to decorate every military house to create a comforting military home. We have a vision to form regional chapters throughout the United States to spread the positive vibes of custom decorating and enrich the lives of as many military spouses as possible.

Who We Are

From Our Hearts to Your Home, We Decorate and Design Homefront Room Revival aims to inspire spouses of service members to find comfort in their house during tough times by creating a unique space that looks– and feels– like home. We believe in the therapeutic benefits of creating and surrounding ourselves with personalized art and home decor. We find painting and crafting a relaxing way to give back through a void we see in our own military community, home comfort. We are a veteran and military spouse run team that serves the community we are a part of.

What We Do

Inspiring Comfort at Home During a Tough Time Our projects are run by a donation and volunteer driven community initiative of re-purposing furniture, adding personalized touches, and customizing a space plan; to the likes and preferences of a military member’s spouse. We are a female veteran run, artisan driven and collaborative; military design team. Homefront Room Revival’s Mission Morale project has three activities dedicated to enhancing the military life cycle by creating home comfort: • Morale boosting custom room makeovers • Custom re-purposed furniture donations and handcrafted art/decor for military families in need • Collaborative holiday decorating to enhance spirit and Dec’ the Deployment

We are a North Carolina nonprofit organization that runs solely off of volunteers and donations. We provide our services at absolutely no cost to project recipients and could not run without your help! 100% of every dollar we receive goes directly to fund our projects and enrich the lives of service member’s spouses through complementary custom home decorating.

Your financial support will help fund home furnishing projects for military families, including: • Furniture purchases and decorations to provide comfort • Supplies and materials needed for up-cycling and design • Marketing and operating costs which allow us to spread our positive vibes and service our community

To donate go to:

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