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Larry M. Pierce, Sheriff of Wayne County, Announces Implementation of an Innovative, Iris Biometric

(Goldsboro, NC) – Wayne County Sheriff Larry M. Pierce held a press conference last month announcing that the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office recently implemented the most accurate and innovative biometric technology in the nation for identifying offenders and inmates with BI2 Technologies’ I.R.I.S.™. (Inmate Recognition Identification System)

The I.R.I.S.™ technology enhances the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office capabilities by enabling authorized staff to positively identify previously enrolled inmates or offenders using, iris biometric technology, in seconds, regardless of where they were originally arrested or enrolled. The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is using the technology to enroll and compare the unique features contained in the human iris against a national database of individuals who have been previously enrolled throughout the country to positively determine their identity in seconds.

In announcing the implementation of this remarkable technology, Sheriff Larry M. Pierce said, “Criminals, including illegal aliens and convicted sex offenders, can make Wayne County and communities across America, a dangerous place to live, and work. Criminals often try to change their identities to avoid accurate identification and prosecution for crimes they have committed. This cutting-edge iris biometric technology is another tool in the arsenal of capabilities we have to protect our citizens.”

Sheriff Pierce continued, “Accurate and timely identification of offenders is a necessity. This system is based on the most accurate biometric technology available – the human iris – and will enable our staff to positively identify a previously enrolled individual in less than 20 seconds, regardless of when and where they were originally arrested and enrolled in the national I.R.I.S.™ repository.

This technology also enhances security for my Detention Officers and the public. It ensures that the right person is released. In the past there have been occasions when a person attempted to be released by claiming he was a person that he was not. It has also allowed a person that was wanted in one jurisdiction to be arrested in another state when he was arrested there under an alias.

This is a true breakthrough when compared to the time it often takes to positively identify an offender using fingerprint technology. I am very proud and pleased that the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office now joins the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office and the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office who have already implemented and use this technology.”

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