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PRESS RELEASE: Wayne County Updates

Please Share With Your Friends! For Immediate Release

Date: October 15, 2016

Boil Advisories

On October 9, a Water System Pressure Advisory and an accompanying boil advisory were put in effect for all county sanitary districts. As of this evening, the only boil advisory that remains in effect is for the customers of the Southwestern Wayne Sanitary District. This boil advisory will remain in effect until further notice.

Please note: A Boil Advisory Extension released by the Wayne County Emergency Operations Center on October 11 inadvertently left off the Southern Wayne Sanitary District. Customers are encouraged to contact the sanitary district if they have any questions about the boil advisory that was in effect.

US 117 Open / Road Closures

NCDOT officially opened all four lanes of US 117 over the Neuse River at 11 AM this morning. As a reminder, residents can go to to access the most current road closures for our area.

Power Outages

Duke Energy and Tri-County Electric Membership are reporting less than 500 customers each in Wayne County that are still without power. Restoration efforts are ongoing for those most severely impacted by the storm and high water related issues.

Donations & Support

The outpouring of local, state, and national support to assist Wayne County flood and storm victims is beyond measure.

“Our county is so grateful for the many relief organizations, churches, businesses and volunteers who have come to the aid of those most in need,” states Mel Powers, Wayne County Emergency Services Director.

As a reminder, individuals or religious organizations wanting to help residents affected by floods can drop off donated goods at the Wayne Center, located at the Corner of George and Chestnut

streets, from the hours of 8 AM to 5 PM. If you have any questions, please call Debbie Jones at 919-330-8520. Corporations or organizations bringing tractor-trailers filled with resources for storm victims need to contact the Emergency Operation Center at 919-705-6599.

“I would be remiss if I did not extend a special thanks to all of those who have stepped up to show their support of our first responders who have been working tirelessly for days,” adds Mr. Powers. “This is a difficult time for our first responders, with many working long hours in sometimes dangerous conditions. It is heartwarming to see the hundreds of prepared meals, snacks, and notes of appreciation that have poured into the EOC on a daily basis to be distributed to the men and women in uniform who are actively involved in our county’s response and/or recovery efforts.”

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