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Trump Aide says Kaine 'Acted Like He Had a Tic'

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on the 2016 presidential campaign (All times EDT)

8 a.m.

Donald Trump's campaign manager say Tim Kaine acted "like he had a tic" by mentioning Donald Trump so frequently in the debate.

Kellyann Conway said Trump is preparing "constantly" for his second debate against Hillary Clinton. She told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that Trump should be "tough but fair" against Clinton in Sunday's debate.

But Conway is acknowledging that Trump needs to avoid getting distracted by fights about peripheral issues. She says Trump has a right to defend himself against attacks, but that he understands he's best when he's talking about Clinton or her record.


7:35 a.m.

Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta says Mike Pence "didn't get the job done" in the vice presidential debate because he didn't defend running mate Donald Trump.

Podesta said Wednesday that Trump "lost" even though he wasn't in the debate. He said he doesn't think the debate changed the course of the race.

Podesta told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that Clinton running mate Tim Kaine's job was to challenge Pence to defend Trump. He said Pence didn't do it.

Podesta said Pence came off as a reasonable and likeable guy, but seemed like he was more focused on his own presidential prospects in 2020 than on Trump's in 2016.


6:30 a.m.

Some Mexican-Americans are taking issue with Republican Mike Pence brushing off GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump's comments on Mexican immigrants as "that Mexican thing."

Pence chided Democrat Tim Kaine's repeated mention of Trump's comments on immigrants during Tuesday night's vice presidential debate, telling him at one point: "Senator, you've whipped out that Mexican thing again."

The Indiana governor's remark has quickly become one of the most talked about moments from the primetime forum, trending online under #ThatMexicanThing. Twitter ranks it as the third most tweeted about moment of the debate.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's campaign has apparently taken note of the online attention. Visitors to are being redirected to Clinton's campaign website.

3:30 a.m.

Republican Mike Pence was calm and steady in the face of Democrat Tim Kaine's fiery and frequent challenges. But when it came to defending Donald Trump, Pence dodged, sidestepped or was silent about some of his running mate's most provocative words.

Kaine aggressively pressured Pence Tuesday night to vouch for Trump throughout the 90-minute debate, often citing the brash businessman's own words. Pence defended Trump's tax history, but maneuvered around criticism of Trump's demeaning comments about women, his public doubting of President Barack Obama's citizenship and broader questions about temperament.

"I can't imagine how Governor Pence can defend the insult-driven, me-first style of Donald Trump," said Kaine, the Virginia senator and Hillary Clinton's No. 2.

The usually easygoing Kaine went on the attack from the start and seemed determined to make the debate a referendum on whether Trump has the disposition for the Oval Office.

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