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2 Officers Shot Raleigh Man After He Threatened Girlfriend

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Authorities say a man whom police in North Carolina shot to death had just gone to his girlfriend's house, showed her a gun and told her she couldn't leave him.

A preliminary report on Monday's shooting by the Raleigh Police Department says two officers fired at 24-year-old Jaqwan Terry after he pointed his gun at an officer who tackled him after a short chase. The scuffle occurred after a short chase near the woman's home in Raleigh. The report was released Friday.

Officer B.F. Burleson was called to the home by Terry's girlfriend, who said he came over after she told him she didn't want to see her any more. She said he waved his gun and told her she couldn't break up with him, police said.

Burleson asked Terry if they could talk, and Terry started running. The officer caught Terry as he tried to climb a fence and tackled him.

As they struggled, Burleson saw a gun on the ground near Terry and tried to push him away, but Terry grabbed the weapon and pointed it at the officer, investigators said.

As both men fired at each other, Officer B.S. Beausoleil arrived to help and also started shooting at Terry, the report said.

Terry died at the hospital a short time later, while Burleson was wounded in the leg and was treated and released.

Both officers have been placed on administrative leave while the State Bureau of Investigation probes the shooting.

Police said both officers had dashboard cameras, but Burleson's wasn't on because he didn't turn on his blue lights, and Beausoleil's was not in position to record the shooting.

Neither the races of the officers nor Terry were indicated on the report.

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