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Goldsboro High to Become a “Reform Model” School

During May, the North Carolina Board of Education approved the Wayne County Public Schools “Reform Model” application for Goldsboro High School. The “Reform Model” designation will allow the school district to have greater flexibility in how it structures and delivers education to students at the school.

“We are excited that the State Board of Education shares our vision for transforming Goldsboro High School,” states Dr. Michael Dunsmore, Superintendent. “We recognize that it will take a herculean effort to begin this ‘Reform Model’ by the start of the 2016-2017 school year. However, it will be worth the hard work when this innovative model is launched, and we can offer Goldsboro High greater calendar and scheduling flexibility, more curriculum opportunities, and increased access to resources and learning opportunities, including access to Wayne Community College courses and programs, to further engage students in their academic career.”

While there are many details that will have to be finalized, Dr. Dunsmore states that these reform efforts have the potential to make Goldsboro High School a state and national model for innovation and transformation.

“In recent years, Goldsboro High has become one of the lowest performing traditional public high schools in our state,” adds Dr. Dunsmore. “Since being named superintendent last summer, I have worked hard to develop a model that will transform Goldsboro High in order to help every student become successful. By becoming a ‘Reform Model’ school, our district will now have a unique opportunity to make immediate and large scale changes to how teaching and learning can take place at this school.”

As a “Reform Model” school, Goldsboro High will seek to accomplish the following goals:

  • Align the Goldsboro High calendar, schedule and instructional programs with Wayne Community College and Wayne School of Engineering, to provide students with the time on task and special assistance they need to thrive and succeed;

  • Align available funding with the essential educational goals, and the services needed to help Goldsboro High students achieve those goals;

  • Use licensure flexibility to fill the gaps in essential instructional services;

  • Establish a culture of high expectations at Goldsboro High that is embraced by students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the supportive community as a whole;

  • Assure that the skills and experience of the administration and faculty are aligned with the special needs and background of Goldsboro High students and their families;

  • Increase student proficiency to exceed the state average;

  • Meet or exceed the state 4-year cohort graduation rate;

  • Reduce the dropout rate to below the state average;

  • Establish and expand Goldsboro High robust academic partnership with the Command and personnel at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, in keeping with Goldsboro’s national “military-friendly” designation, to provide all GHS students with a meaningful opportunity for a sound basic education;

  • Fully prepare students for post-secondary education and/or productive employment.

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