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From the Pig Pen: An Ever Changing World By Gregory Peele

I bring you greetings from Nahunta. Is it possible that another month is already here? I hope this month’s issue of The Buzz finds each of you safe and in good health. I have decided to share with you a few thoughts about the one thing which remains constant in our life, and that is the changes we face from day to day.

It really doesn’t seem that long ago, when I started school in the fall of 1959. A Pepsi cost six cents, a quarter pound Babe Ruth just a nickel, and gasoline was less than thirty cents per gallon. John Glenn would soon become a household name, and in ten short years Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.

I know many of you readers remember the party telephone system, where several neighbors shared the same line. How would today’s society cope with that, as dependent as we have become upon social media?

At school, my brother and I were taught that we lived in a democracy. However, I don’t ever remember having any board meetings around our house in order to discuss the next day’s agenda. If we were not sick, we would be in school during the week and at church on Sunday morning. Sunday was a day of rest and worship. The Blue Laws of that era would crimp our modern lifestyle.

I am also old enough to remember public servants, elected officials, statesmen who served at the public’s discretion. The terms career politicians and politically correct had not yet surfaced. Am I mistaken, or is this nation, this state, and this county in desperate need of such leaders?

Change just for the sake of change is never good. A failure to act when change is needed is even worse. Life is a kind of like a revolving door. It is not always easy to know how and when to enter, and getting out is no easy chore. The one thing I am sure of is that things will change between now and next month. Until we next meet, take care and be of good cheer.

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