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Assistant WCPS Superintendent for Fiscal Services to Retire

Goldsboro, N.C. – This week, it was publicly announced during the Wayne County Board of Education meeting that Nan Barwick, Wayne County Public Schools (WCPS) Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Services would soon retire. The 31-year school finance veteran’s last official day of employment will be June 30, 2014.

“I have had the great fortune to work with Ms. Barwick as our district’s finance officer since my start as superintendent in 2000,” states Dr. Steven Taylor. “In addition to being a hard working trusted employee, Ms. Barwick’s diligence and understanding of school finance rules and categorical guidelines has helped ensure that our district maintains a high level of fiscal integrity year after year. I personally appreciate her loyalty to the district and her continued support of students and staff. As a district administrator, Ms. Barwick spends countless hours, both on and off the clock, trying to maximize every dollar in the budget in order to protect our schools from cuts to personnel, academic programs and extracurricular programs.”

Ms. Barwick began her career in education in 1984 as a bookkeeper with Kinston City Schools. In 1988, she became the Finance Officer for Lenior County Schools. In 1993, Ms. Barwick became the Special Assistant for Business/Finance for Jones County Schools. In 1999, Ms. Barwick joined WCPS as Finance Director. She was promoted to Assistant Superintendent of Finance the following year.

In addition to overseeing fiscal operations, Ms. Barwick oversees the district’s Child Nutrition Program, Safety & Security Program, Maintenance Department and Operations Department. School leaders credit Ms. Barwick for her role in the recent school construction and renovation projects that have taken place across the district.

“Over the past seven years, Ms. Barwick has been instrumental in helping the Board of Education advance its School Construction/Renovation/Performance Contracting Facilities Plan. In addition to helping advise board members about available funding options, she and her staff have provided oversight of the projects that have been approved. Once the two latest school construction projects are fully underway, the Grantham and Spring Creek school communities will become direct beneficiaries of Ms. Barwick’s tenacity and passion for improving the quality of our schools and our county,” adds Dr. Taylor.

Ms. Barwick is a Lenior County native and a graduate of North Lenior High School. She holds an associate of applied science degree in accounting from Lenior Community College and a bachelor’s degree in accounting from North Carolina Wesleyan College.

“Although Ms. Barwick’s knowledge, expertise, and leadership will be sorely missed, I wish her the very best in this well deserved retirement, adds Dr. Taylor.

(For more information, contact Ken Derksen at 919-705-6125)

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