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To: Sheriff Larry M. Pierce Chief Jeff Stewart Date: January 30, 2015 Re: Breaking and Entering of Motor Vehicles Recently, there has been a rash of motor vehicles break-ins within Wayne County and the City of Goldsboro with most of the vehicles being unlocked vehicles. On January 29, the “B” shift patrol deputies were once again taking reports of break-ins in the Raintree subdivision/Hood Swamp area. As the deputies continued to take reports, the patrol deputies received information concerning locations that possible suspects had been to. This information was immediately passed on to the detective division. Once the detective division received the information, two detectives were assigned to follow up. These detectives continued to follow this lead and by the afternoon had developed two suspects and the location where they were staying (room 128 of the Irish Inns motel). The detectives were concerned that weapons may be in the motel room with the suspects so they requested additional law enforcement personnel. Additional Sheriff’s Office detectives were sent to this location and the Goldsboro Police Department Investigations division was notified and personnel from their division were sent to the scene. Sheriff’s Office detectives were able to make entry into the room without incident locating Amber Bennett (w/f, 22 years of age, 101 Crestwood Drive, Goldsboro) and Joseph Wilson Hasty (w/m, 22 years of age, Irish Inns, Room 128, Goldsboro, 112 Merlin Lane, LaGrange). The detectives then explained the circumstances of why they were there and a search of the motel room was conducted. During the search, numerous items were located which were determined to have been taken during the break-ins. Both subjects were transported to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Annex where the investigation was continued by both Sheriff’s Office and Goldsboro Police Department personnel. During this time, it was determined that Joseph Hasty was responsible for break-ins to motor vehicles in the following areas: Hood Swamp/Raintree subdivision area Pineview Cemetery Road area Long’s Plant Farm Road area E. New Hope Road/Ryan Blvd/Ryan Way area S. Harding Drive area (in city limits of Goldsboro) After the interviews, Amber Bennett was charged with two counts of felony financial transaction card fraud and received a $25,000.00 bond. Joseph Wilson Hasty was charged with five counts of felony break-in to a motor vehicle, one count of felony larceny of a firearm and three counts of misdemeanor larceny receiving a $85,000.00 bond. In addition to these charges, it was discovered that he had seven Orders for Arrests for probation violation and received a $70,000.00 bond on those charges. On the morning of January 30, 2015, the Sheriff’s Office and the Goldsboro Police Department continued the investigation. A search was conducted and a shotgun taken from one of the Goldsboro PD cases was located and seized. Additional warrants were secured on Joseph Hasty. He was charged by Sheriff’s Office detectives with multiple counts of break-in to a motor vehicles, multiple counts of misdemeanor larceny and possession of stolen goods receiving a $412,500.00 bond. Goldsboro Police Department Investigators charged Joseph Hasty with multiple counts of break-in to a motor vehicle, two counts of felony possession of firearm by a felon, two counts each of felony larceny and possession of a firearm, multiple counts of felony and misdemeanor larceny and possession of stolen goods. He received a $47,000.00 bond on these charges. Sheriff Larry Pierce states, “It was only through the collaborative efforts of all law enforcement officers, the different agencies working together and citizen involvement that resulted in these cases being solved. I am proud of and very appreciative of the work that all of my officers have done on these cases since they started. Citizens have to get involved in all investigations these days. Sometimes it is just that little bit of information that a citizen has that will lead to a break for the investigating officers to solve the case.”

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