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Wayne County Speak Your Mind for June!

We have started a new feature on our Buzz Facebook page.  At the end of each month we will be seeking your comments concerning anything happening in Wayne County. From Goldsboro to Mt Olive, to Pikeville to LaGrange, to Princeton, please let us know anything that's on your mind. It can be anything such as something you wish was better, something or someone bugging you, something your public officials could be doing better, anything!! The top comments will be published in the following month’s Buzz or you can email them anytime to

Here are the top comments for June's Wayne County, Speak Your Mind!

I would love to see something done for our public schools. Teachers need support, now more than ever. Aside from pay, they need time to plan and teach our kids.

The lines on Wayne Memorial from The Agricultural Center to Tommy Rd. are in great need of repainting. It’s a public safety issue and is a real concern during dark and rainy days mainly. I hope this is taken care of before someone get badly hurt.

Drugs and shootings in the Goldsboro downtown area are terrible.


Need more patrolling on Hwy 117 especially from 70 to the fairgrounds. People rush to be “first” causing wrecks and near misses. Many times, I’ve seen semi-trucks almost hitting cars from tailgating so close.


Please tell me why, why do people insist on tossing their trash out their car windows, or leave it in a parking lot for someone else to clean up? Are we just that darn lazy and inconsiderate? Or is there a real reason why?


There needs to be a city-wide enforcement of speeding in neighborhoods. The speed limit is 25 mph and people are constantly driving 35-55. City vehicles and school busses are the worst. This needs to STOP. 


Get rid of these abandoned houses in our communities, Trees and grass has taken over many! Tear them down! Make owners or the city accountable for these atrocious sites


Please repave Rosewood Road. It’s in terrible shape. Would also like to know why we can’t get Highwoods subdivision paved?


I would rather see people shop with local businesses rather than bringing in a Home Depot. 


Thanks to all of you who recommended UNC. Dr. William Green for my hip and back pain. Great bedside manner, and he treated me like he cared.


Pretty much all restaurants in downtown Goldsboro are good. Just depends on what you are in the mood for.


Walmarts have been going downhill for years. I quit going there when they put in those self-checkout registers as the grocery prices continue to go up.


We had the best experience at Olive Garden. Our waitress was April. She was so attentive and didn’t falter once despite having multiple tables. She’s the epitome of an amazing waitress.


I’m at Walmart, why do people feel the need to smoke while pumping gas?


Doesn’t Wayne County have a weed ordinance for maintaining yards.  In our beautiful neighborhood, we have one neighbor who seems to think he lives in a cow pasture!

I think we deserve more transparency in the Sheriff Dept. It's scary times and it would help to know that we can count on them to be on the side of justice.

Fremont needs a grocery store! Walmart also needs to deliver to Fremont!




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