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The Power of Diagnostics

Has your vehicle ever been broken down or needing repair? I’m sure we all have had to deal with this at some point. The most frustrating thing as an automotive owner is having to deal with a broken vehicle. Most vehicle owners do not know how to diagnose or repair a vehicle once something has broken. That is why we must take our vehicles to an auto repair facility to have the issue at hand, diagnosed.

In my 20 plus years of being in the auto repair industry, I have noticed this one issue over and over the years. Most customers do not want to pay the auto repair facility time for diagnostics. Some customers seem to think that what issue they have could be an easy fix, the technician should know what he is doing, or some customers just tell them to look it up on YouTube!

What most customers don’t understand is that when you pay for diagnostics you hold the technician accountable. A professional auto repair facility should never agree to not do diagnostics. They understand the consequences if they do not test and just guess at a repair. That facility is knowingly taking your money with the knowledge that you will end up having to spend more money on that same issue.

So, take my advice. Find an auto repair shop that is reputable and that will not “guess” at a repair. I promise you, by paying the diagnostic fee up front, you will end up saving money in the long run and having it fixed correctly the first time.

Jonathan Harris



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