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The Future is Bright

I recently worked with a group of high school juniors through the Chamber of Commerce’s Junior Leadership program. If you have any doubts of whether our future is in good hands, rest assure that it is! This group of students are smart, resourceful, and are willing to work to better our community.During this program, I had several conversations with them about top issues facing youth in Wayne County. They opened my eyes to issues that the youth of today face. The group identified Mental Health as the top issue affecting youth in Wayne County. They also saw the connection between Mental Health and two other issues: Substance Use and participating in Opportunities. Every month we discussed these topics, researched them, and saw how they affected youth throughout the county. But not only did we talk about the problems, they offered solutions and ways to impact the problems in order to better our community. This approach to advocacy and experiential learning, helped us see how they can make a positive impact on our community. 


At Spiron Solutions, we believe that hands-on learning opportunities force real knowledge and behavioral changes and can be implemented in the workplace and the community. We saw this firsthand through this program. Congratulations to each of the students that participated in this program! Through your eyes, I can see that our future is bright and in good hands.


Vanessa Spiron is the Founder of Spiron Solutions, a Training and Organizational Development company.  For more information, visit the NEW website at 




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