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November 2021 A Month of Gratitude: By Mary Wroblewski

Here we are, November 2021, and we continue to plod along in the muck that has been the Pandemic. We might describe our country as a train wreck right now, but it is our train wreck, and we all bear some responsibility for our current state of affairs as well as how we will get the train back on the track. I have witnessed the American Spirit at work, and it is never stronger than when we gather together to accomplish a goal whether the task be big or small.

It appears that with increased numbers of individuals vaccinated against Covid 19, the recommendation of “booster shots” for certain populations and a vaccine for children ages 5-11 on the horizon, we may be seeing a light at the end of the Covid 19 tunnel. Despite the fact that our lifestyles have been impacted in ways that continue to cramp how we as Americans live day-to-day, an end to this particular type of restraint may be coming. However, as life on earth would have it, when one obstacle is seemingly hurdled, another appears to test our strength, willpower, resolve, and readiness…the plight and redemption of mankind. Without sorrow we cannot know joy.

November is the month we celebrate The Feast of All Saint’s, The Feast of all Soul’s, Veteran’s Day, Fall Harvest, and Thanksgiving. The resounding theme of each of these days is gratitude. To know joy, we must know gratitude. Gratitude to the Saint’s and martyrs who lived exemplary lives in the service of God and died defending their faith. Gratitude in prayerful remembrance of all the faithful who have departed this life. Gratitude to all who lived in service to our country so we may enjoy the bounties of freedom. Gratitude to all of the dedicated farmers who painstakingly labor to grow what nourishes our bodies, and those working in the infrastructure sector responsible for transporting farm products to our table. Gratitude that there is a day set aside in our country to share what we have with one another; a day to remember and thank our almighty God for all of His blessings, to honor the magic of every moment and the majesty of each day.

Remember life in this world is a journey, not a destination. There is light in every situation, gratefully embrace it and resist the darkness of chaos. Wishing Wayne County a Happy Thanksgiving and grateful hearts!

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