March 2021 - One Year In By Mary Wroblewski

Little did any of us know this time last year of what we would soon come to identify as a defining period in our lives in history. The COVID-19 pandemic is still looming large and still very much present and impacting our existence today as this historic pandemic has changed life as we knew it. The experience will likely be referred to as “before the pandemic” and “after the pandemic”.

Over this past year, my perspective on the day to day has changed dramatically, and I am sure yours has too. Events that I previously found perfunctory are now an outing; like picking up prescriptions and groceries. My annual mammogram was the highlight of the month of January, and an appointment for my first Covid-19 vaccine injection was the crowning glory of February, possibly the year. NEVER in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would look forward to having a mammogram, or receiving a vaccine! Who knew?

Conversations now center around the best face mask to use and will I double or triple mask when I do have to venture out. Will there be available vaccine to receive our second dose and will the groups under us get fully vaccinated? Will we travel and actually SEE and HUG our family members again... and how far-off might that time frame be?

It is becoming harder and harder to remain positive about the changes to our activities of daily living brought about by the pandemic. Hard because time is passing, hard because life and death are marching on, and hard because this is not a fight we can win alone.

If all of us don’t sign on and go all in, this pandemic style of life will never be over. Everyone wants to make it to the finish line, so PLEASE, don’t give up when the finish line is within our view; continue to follow ALL CDC recommendations regarding Covid-19 as well as State and Local government recommendations. Be vaccinated when your group comes up. Remain ever vigilante in your quest for a life that again includes engaging with people every day and giving those people our full, present, and unmasked attention.

May God Bless and keep safe the amazing residents of Wayne County!

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