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Local Goldsboro Resident is Author of Two Books

Arlene A. Lindsay Smith takes you on a journey with In and Out of Darkness. She states it’s about her imagination of having been taught in the heavenly realm by notable Bible characters who helped prepare her for the good and the bad that dwells in earth - all prior to getting her assignment from the Lord.

Arlene speaks of being in a dark womb fearfully and wonderfully knit together and birthed into an unfamiliar darkness only to be born again. She doesn’t remember what she’s learned, but has to learn again in order to find her way back to heaven once her assignment is complete. Arlene’s imagination ultimately leads you to Holy Bible truths.

The second book, Our Grandma Wrote a Book, is about her grandson discovering that she’s writing In and Out of Darkness. He and his sister discuss what Grandma has taught them, i.e. Bible verses and Bible stories, but not without a little sarcasm and rivalry between the two of them.

Arlene states, “I did not aspire to be a writer, but was inspired by the Holy Spirit. I’ve not yet reached out to the local bookstores. I am counting on family, friends, and acquaintances to spread the word and the WORD through social media, text, email, etc.

Both books can be purchased on Amazon.


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