Creamy red beans, rice and sausage


1 bag of Camellia red beans(soak over night)

1/2 cup of trinity

1lb of sausage ( your choice )

Tony's, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, parsley and cayenne pepper


Fill medium to large size pot with water until 3 inches from the top. Add Red beans, trinity, and seasonings Tony's etc....( how much seasoning to your taste ) cover with lid on high heat until beans come to a rapid boil.

Lower fire to medium heat and let cook for at least an hour. Cut sausage up and add to beans with 2 more cups of water. Continue cooking for another hour and lower heat again to low and let cook until Red beans have made a creamy gravy.

( I smash the beans a lil bit when almost cooked and that helps make the gravy ).

Eat over rice with a side of cornbread and enjoy!!!

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