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Chicken Soup for the SoulKindness Matters

Eastern Wayne High School teacher, Amy Mewborn, has had her second story published nationally with Chicken Soup for the Soul. The new book came out March 22, 2022, and is called Kindness Matters. Ms. Mewborn’s story is called “A Shared Struggle” and is about a single mom that needed a hand up while checking out at our local Carly C’s IGA.

This book is filled with well written pieces about helping others. The story focuses on a young mom that was struggling with a toddler and an infant while trying to purchase her groceries. Pressure mounted quickly in the check-out line and Ms. Mewborn stepped up to help her out in a moment of need.

The story can be found and enjoyed on page 176. Kindness Matters can be purchased locally at Books-A-Million or online at Amazon.

Ms. Mewborn is a graduate of Eastern Wayne High School and East Carolina University. In her free time, she loves to write for her blog. It can be found at She can also be followed on Instagram and Facebook @thepecanseeker. She is also an active member at New Hope Friends Church. She continues to focus on writing humorous and inspirational stories


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