Wayne County Services on Aging’s Public Service Announcement for August

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Greetings from the Peggy M. Seegars Senior Center!


Wow! We are more than half way through 2020!  What a year!  2020 is definitely for the books!  It has tested everyone.  With everything happening this year, are you becoming tired and discouraged?  It is easy for that to happen especially when you are dealing with something for a long time and there seems to be no end in sight.  It creates fear and anxiety as well.


There is a wide gamut of emotions that one will experience.  I worry about the many older adults that are isolated at home.  Loneliness is not a good thing for anyone especially for older individuals.  But we are not without Hope.  Psalm 46:1 says: “God is our refuge and strength and ever-present help in trouble.”  During a time when we feel forsaken, He has not forgotten you.  You are never truly alone because He is near.


What is life without Hope?  A life without Hope is dark.  Hope gives us light in our dark times.  If we can see beyond what is in front of us, we can be encouraged that there are better days.  Days of hugging, laughing, and social gatherings will return.  We long for these days!  I have a Hope that we will return to these times.  When we do, let us not forget what it was like to not have what we once took for granted.  Let us again cherish and seize those precious moments when they arise.         



Operation Fan Heat Relief

Operation Fan Heat Relief (OFHR) is a summer program intended to provide a more comfortable living environment and reduce heat related illnesses.  Summertime can be a difficult and dangerous time for our seniors in Wayne County especially when they do not have a means to keep their homes cool.  OFHR provides fans to Wayne County Seniors at no cost that have a home situation where a threat to health and well being exists.  Fans are very limited through this funding.  However, the Peggy Seegars Senior Center will gladly accept donated fans or monetary donations to buy fans to distribute to seniors in need.  For more information, you may contact Selena Beaman at 919-731-1608.

(Due to COVID-19, fan distribution will be arranged by PHONE ONLY at this time.  PICK UP BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.)


Reopening of the Senior Center

It is undetermined at this time when the Senior Center building will reopen for the public.  For the safety of our members, we will not reopen before Phase III.  Unfortunately, when we do reopen the building, we will not be going back to business as usual at this time.  Many changes have been made and are continually being made due to COVID-19 Regulations.  We will begin with a soft opening.  Before entering the building, required temperature checks and health assessments will be conducted on every person.  No Exceptions. Although face masks are not required, we are encouraging everyone to wear some type of face covering.  Activities that will be offered will be based on the principle of social distancing (6 feet apart).  Therefore, activities will be limited for a period of time.  Most activities will be held in the large meal site room while some rooms may be closed to the public.  The senior center has a phone tree that sends out calls.  We will be using that to contact members of the senior center who have signed in previously to an activity on My Senior Center.  (My Senior Center is the computer that everyone uses to swipe his/her card upon entering the center.)  The call will notify those individuals the day and time that it will be available.  To participate in that particular activity, members will be required to make a reservation.  It will be first come first serve.  The schedule will be made weekly to allow for adjustments each week.  Please note: that for an undetermined period of time, the center will not be opened for drop-ins.  Due to the volume of members that attend, we are unable to safely manage the number of participants that may be present at one time without these guidelines. 


During this time of adjustment, please be mindful that it is imperative to comply with policies set forth for the protection of yours and others health.  Failure to comply could contribute to placing others at risk.  It could also lead to the center being closed again.  We want to do all that we can to avoid either of these. 





What’s happening on Facebook

Search Wayne County Services On Aging to find us on Facebook!

We will be having live streams and updates on what is going on at the senior center. Stay tuned!



Memories with Lorri and Holly

Stay tuned to our Facebook as Lorri and Holly take us on a journey of yesteryear. Enjoy the nostalgia of going down memory lane as they display objects and pictures of times gone by.  Memories with Lorri and Holly will appear Live on our Facebook on August 6th at 1:00pm.  Do not miss out on the excitement of exploring old memories with Lorri and Holly.  Please check our Facebook page for future dates for the Facebook live presentation on Memories with Lorri and Holly! Our Facebook can be found by searching for Wayne County Services On Aging.



Line Dancing

Come and join Lisa Weston for line dancing on Friday at 9:30 am at the Peggy Seegars Senior Center! Spots are limited and for more info, call Lisa Weston at 919-705-1920.


Need Help with Your Medicare?

Do you have questions about Medicare or need help paying for your prescriptions? Do you need to enroll in Medicare? SHIIP can help. We are here in the office to help you by phone or email.

For more information don’t hesitate to contact Selena Beaman by phone or email at 919.731.1608 or  selena.beaman@waynegov.com. You can also call the NC SHIIP office at 855.408.1212. 



SWAG (Seniors Walking Around Goldsboro)

Do you enjoy walking in a group setting? On Tuesday August 4th,  we will hold a beginner walk at 9:15am and the intermediate at 9:45am. The walk will start at Wayne Community College tennis courts.  This will be a one mile circuit on paved walkways.

At 9:45 am we will hold the intermediate walking group which will be off paved walkways.  We will wind through woody areas and possibly wet terrain.

For either walk, wear appropriate shoes and bring water.

While masks are not required, wearing one is at your discretion.  We will be social distancing while walking.

The Senior Center provides a place where older adults 60 and older can meet together, receive services, and participate in various activities. It serves as a focal point for activities that are designed to meet the mental, physical, emotional and social needs of the participants regardless of economic status.



Services Offered at Wayne County Services on Aging and the Peggy M. Seegars Senior Center:


Information & Options Counseling/SHIIP Counseling - Selena Beaman at 919-731-1608

Transportation – Christine Pittman 919-731-1586

Day Respite – Lorri Bradley 919-731-1595

In Home Aide Services – RN Supervisor Sandi Barbour 919-731-1587

Family Caregiver Support Program Vouchers – In Home Aide Program Supervisor

Holly Williams 919-705-1928

Services For the Blind – Mary Jones 919-731-1102



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July 30, 2020

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