Cry Freedom Missions to be Featured in Liam Neeson’s It’s a Penalty Campaign Film to Help End Human Trafficking and Exploitation Globally

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Goldsboro, NC July 20, 2020–As a supporting sponsor for the Know the Signs campaign, Cry Freedom Missions will be featured in a campaign film with Liam Neeson to be released Wed., July 29.


Hosted by It’s a Penalty, a UK-based organization focused on disrupting human trafficking and exploitation, the “What is Human Trafficking?” campaign film is part of a larger effort to build awareness around human trafficking and exploitation and help the public know the signs and make a report.


“Human trafficking is the fastest growing illegal global business, generating $150 billion each year,” said Beverly Weeks, Executive Director of Cry Freedom Mission. Goldsboro-based Cry Freedom Mission reaches survivors where they are, lifting them out of trafficking and giving them the education and support they need to transform their lives. “The more we can educate people about the signs of trafficking, the better able we are to work together to identify and save survivors.”


The “What is Human Trafficking?” campaign will launch 3 p.m. Wed., July 29 with a live expert panel featuring panelists Sarah de Carvalho, CEO at It’s a Penalty Campaign; Christian Elliott, Global Development Director at A21; Callahan Walsh, Director, Strategic Advancement & Partnerships at NCMEC; Deborah Richardson, Executive Director of the International Human Trafficking Institute; Kat Rosenblatt, International Survivor, Executive Director at There is Hope for Me; and Sharmila Wijeyakumar, Human Trafficking Survivor and Chief Operating Officer at Rahab’s Daughters. Sign up at


The short films, including a 30-second video message for American Airlines, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Japan Airlines and TAP, and a two-minute message for social media – both delivered by Liam Neeson – will premiere during the panel.


The live panel and short film release come a day before World Day against Trafficking in Persons Thurs., July 30, which in 2020 will focus on the first responders to human trafficking, individuals and organizations committed to identifying, supporting, counseling and seeking justice for survivors of trafficking.


“We’re proud to support this important campaign,” said Weeks. “Together we can end human trafficking and exploitation and change lives for the better.”



About the It’s a Penalty Campaign

The Mission of the It’s a Penalty Campaign is to educate about what exactly human trafficking is, in order to enable everyone to identify and report suspected cases and protect and prevent those at risk from becoming victims.


About World Day against Trafficking in Persons:

The World Day against Trafficking in Persons was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly to raise global awareness of the thousands of men, women and children who fall into the hands of traffickers year after year.


About Cry Freedom Missions

Cry Freedom Missions is a nonprofit with a Mission to Reach, Rescue, Restore all survivors of sex- and human-trafficking. For more information, visit



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